Our Story

Who We Are

Wrought Iron Elegance is a woman-owned family business based in Ashburn, Virginia (Northern Virginia  just west of Washington DC). We specialize in wrought iron baluster upgrades that will transform your ordinary staircase into the gorgeous  architectural centerpiece of your home!  

How We Started

The  idea to start this business began to take shape quite a few years ago when my husband and I were in the market to buy a new home. Several of the new home builders were displaying wrought iron staircases in their models and I fell in love the idea of having one in my house. The builder told me that the wrought iron option for the model home I was looking at carried an additional cost of approx. $10,000. I know now that the builder was inflating the cost by a SIGNIFICANT amount! At the time, however, I just thought that since wrought iron was so beautiful, it must cost a lot.


In  the end we decided to opt out of a new home, but I still had that lovely staircase idea floating around in my head. I set myself to the task of finding out if it was possible to have someone replace my old wooden balusters with wrought iron, and how much it would cost me. What I found out came as a shock. I could have a nicer staircase than the builder offered AND I'd save 60% on the builder's price!! 


I figured if I could do this for myself, I could certainly do this for others as well. So, I started Wrought Iron Elegance and have been helping clients  save money on beautiful wrought iron staircase balusters ever since! 


Shannon Sibley 

Owner, Wrought Iron Elegance