Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most popular iron baluster color?

Satin Black and Oil Rubbed Bronze are the most popular colors. However, we are certain that even the most discriminating homeowner will find a favorite among the variety of colors that we offer.

I want to change the color of my railings. Can you refinish my rails?

No. We do not do any refinishing work. 

How quickly can I have the balusters installed once I decide to move forward?

We can usually schedule your wrought iron baluster installation to begin within 2-3 weeks of placing the order. It takes 7-10 days in order to receive your wrought iron parts from our distributors in the mid-west once your order has been placed.  

How long will the installation take?

Installation time depends on the number of wrought iron balusters in your order. Most installation jobs can be completed in one to two days.  As a general rule, we can install up to 120 standard balusters in one day. If we are installing the larger Mega balusters then we can do about 80 in a day. 

What sort of payment terms can I expect?

We require a 50% deposit payment once you decide to move forward with the project. The balance is due upon completion of the work. We can accept payment in the form of a Check or Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express & Discover)

I'm thinking of adding hardwood treads to my staircase. Does that need to be done before I can install wrought iron balusters? 

If you are adding hardwood treads to an open staircase (where the balusters are installed directly into the stair tread) then YES you would want to complete the hardwood installation BEFORE installing wrought iron balusters. If you are simply adding hardwood treads to a closed staircase (where the balusters are NOT directly installed into the treads) then you may be able to do the wrought iron installation first - it would then depend on what is happening on your landing/balcony areas. Either way, we are happy to coordinate with your hardwood contractor.

I have carpet on my stairs. Can I still have wrought iron balusters installed?

Yes. It does take some extra care when removing the old wooden balusters, but an experienced installer can do it with no problems. 

Can I do the installation myself?

Yes, but it requires specific tools that are not generally in the typical homeowner's arsenal. Our installers have all the appropriate tools along with the experience to avoid common mistakes. Learning from your mistakes can be expensive and time consuming!  

Can I order products from you without a design session or installation?
Yes. If you know what you want and prefer to do the installation yourself we would be happy to order the product(s) for you. 

I plan on having other contractors doing upgrades in my house at the same time. How will that affect my wrought iron installation? 

Please let us know in advance if you plan on having another contractor in the home on the day we are scheduled to do your installation. Sometimes it is not a problem ... other times it is a problem. You need to keep in mind that the staircase is our work area. If other contractors need access to the upper level of your home then they will be interrupting the wrought iron installation twice every time they need to go out to their truck (once to go down the stairs and again to go back up). This requires us to remove our tools from the staircase to let them pass. Substantial interruptions can mean that completion of your installation will require an extra day (and we will have to charge you for that). It is also likely that our installation schedule is quite full so completion of your project may be delayed for days or possibly weeks.

FYI, painting contractors should always be scheduled on a different day (saw dust & wet paint are not a good combination). Also, if you have a house cleaning service scheduled for that day, you should reschedule it.