Baluster Styles

Baluster Styles

There are a number of different balusters in each baluster series listed below. Click on photo to see individual baluster offerings for that specific series.

Twist & Basket Series

The Twist & Basket Series is a time tested classic look and the most economical of all our balusters. Delicate, light and airy, this series will blend seamlessly with almost any decor. 

The Versatile Series

The profiles offered in the Versatile series can be combined in an almost endless number of ways to produce a design that is uniquely yours. This series is capable of producing looks that range from classic ... to whimsical ... to transitional ... to contemporary.  

Gothic Series

The Gothic Series features square face hammered bars. The over-sized baskets combine strength and beauty while the curvy "spoons" surrounding the knuckles soften the overall look ... they are the perfect blend of strength and elegance.  

Santa Fe Series

The Santa Fe Series features a bold edged hammered profile that is suggestive of the old world Spanish style that influenced Mexican architecture.

Ribbon Series

Similar to the Twist & Basket series, the Ribbon Series features very rich, loopy twists.

Tuscan Square Series

The Tuscan Square Series conveys a distinctly Mediterranean feel. Hand-forged, each hammered baluster exudes its own unique character and beauty ... truly gorgeous. 

Tuscan Round Series

The Tuscan Round Series also benefits from the character and beauty that  comes from being hand-forged. This series boasts a streamlined round profile that lends a more understated elegance.

Orleans Series

The Orleans Series evokes images of the french quarter in New Orleans. Hand-forged with a square hammered edge, the craftsmanship in these balusters cannot  be denied ... they will take your breath away.  

Monte Carlo Series

Featuring reeded bars bars and beaded knuckles ... the Monte Carlo Series is stunning! 


Designer Series

The Designer Series offers profiles that include both Square and Round bars. These are cast balusters (as opposed to forged) so they are hollow. The larger 5/8" diameter bars convey an upgraded quality.  

Aalto Series

Clean Lines are the hallmark of this series.  If your style is contemporary, transitional or mid-century modern then these baluster  profiles will fit right into your design aesthetic.